Meeting start time: 2:00 pm

Members Present: Jose Ramos, Sage Pratt, Aaron Clark, Mathew Hunt, Eli Shoemake


Update on Gas-Booster Progress:

  • Haskel AGD-15 gas booster is operational.
  • Jose has put in a work order for pressure relief for the booster.

Social Media Progress:

  • Aaron has set-up both the Twitter and Facebook pages for ISE
  • The Lentil Festival requires paying a $175 fee and filling out a registration form
  1. Jake suggested going to John Schnieder to look at club funding to see if that cost can be covered through WSU.
  2. Jake also suggested speaking with Jacob Chen – a chef from food services that may be able to help us with Food permits.

Liquefier Updates:

  • Threaded Die is on order, once it has arrived, VCR fittings will get threaded.
  • TIG welded new VCR fitting for a better sealed connection to the VT.


What’s next?

  • Install VT into liquefier.
  • Install pressure relief on the gas booster.
  • Conduct testing and continue with community outreach.