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Washington State University How to Help

There are many ways to show your support!

  1. Pledge a donation: Washington State University is a public, non-profit institution. Your tax-deductible donations will primarily fund the final pieces of equipment necessary to make our demonstrator field-implementable. Most specifically, we need a commercial grade Stirling Cycle precooler, a hydrogen compressor, an electrolyzer, and the dispensing interface. Our overall goal of $450,000 will allow us to realize the first hydrogen refueling station in Washington State. In return for your generosity, you will receive a gift commensurate with the level of your donation (yes the levels are cummulative):
    $10- Certificate
    $50- Recognition on website
    $100- 3 H2-Flo Vinyl Stickers
    $500- HYPER lab or ISE club t-shirt
    $1,000- 2 HYPER lab game posters
    $5,000- Laser engraved liquifier seal
    $10,000- Vinyl sticker recognition on side of container
    $50,000- All day lab tour and cryogenic demonstrations
    $100,000- All access

    For more information about how to give to WSU, contact the WSU Foundation at 800-448-2978 or by email at

  2. Be a part of our team: Send a short statement of interest to
  3. Keep circulating the links: Add the H2-Flo feed to your feedly or other readers by pasting this link: