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Innovation for Sustainable Energy Updating the Website

If you want to update the website, please contact Eli Shoemake to gain access to editing the website. The entire website is built through WSU’s WordPress install, which is very quick and easy to learn! If you can use Word, you can figure out WordPress. If you find you need help to do something or understand how WordPress works, there are many good resources for you to use:

  1. Send Eli a Slack message! He’s been working in the WordPress system for quite a while now and can easily explain how to do most simple things in the system.
  2. Look at WSU’s web communication website, this is the home for all of WSU’s WordPress rollout. A lot of helpful information gets posted there, including demo/how-to information on the plugins we have installed. There are also posts about once a month announcing a two hour introduction to WordPress for new users.
  3. Go to the Open Web Labs on Fridays, 9:30-11:30. Eli goes almost every week, and there will be a room full of people experienced in using WordPress, including the developers of WSU’s WordPress system. If no one else can solve the problem – this is where it can be done.
  4. Search online for WordPress tutorials, documentation, and helpful hints. WordPress is the most widely used web platform out there – so there’s lot’s of help to be had.