Meeting start time: 2:00 pm

Members Present: Jose Ramos, James Mitalas, Aaron Clark, Mathew Hunt, Eli Shoemake

  • Discussed community outreach events:
  • Setting up a booth at the Palouse Lentil Festival where we could give out ice-cream, flyers and stickers to people.
  • Setting up a booth at the Voiland College day of welcome where we’d serve LN2 ice-cream as well as recruit.
    • This could include having a spin wheel to earn stickers or other prizes.
    • To enter or get ice cream you’d have to show us you’ve liked us on either Facebook, Twitter or Snapchat.
  • Aaron is working towards building out our social media presence. That includes Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat.
  • We are considering getting in contact with the Alumni organization to establish a connection there as well as with other organizations.


Technical Updates:

  • It has been determined that the Haskel AGD-15 gas booster is operational and that all we need is the proper pressure relief for it.
  • Ran through plumbing of the system with Eli, making through connections are correct.