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Washington State University Providing a Sustainable Future

Providing a Sustainable Future

Innovation for Sustainable Energy (ISE) is a collection of individuals committed to improving the future through development and promotion of technologies to enable sustainable energy generation, storage, and transport. Our Washington State University team is developing a completely new and innovative refueling system. The heart of our station is a patent pending cooling system design that runs at a fraction of the pressure of currently operating systems – increasing durability and lifespan. Simple modifications could even allow for liquid hydrogen dispensing.
For our system, the WSU H2-Flo team makes use of a recycled shipping container to house all components, making the device easily movable and interchangeable. To liquify high purity hydrogen on site, our system only needs electricity along an H2 source.

While we have a start on the system build, we are currently asking for help to achieve our goals and make the future a better place. If you would like to make a monetary contribution, your tax-deductible donations will primarily fund the final pieces of equipment necessary to make our demonstrator field-implementable. Most specifically, we need a commercial grade Stirling Cycle precooler, a hydrogen compressor, an electrolyzer, and the dispensing interface. Our overall goal of $450,000 will allow us to realize the first hydrogen refueling station in Washington State. In return for your generosity, you will receive a gift commensurate with the level of your donation (yes the levels are cumulative):

$10- Certificate
$50- Recognition on website
$100- 3 H2-Flo Vinyl Stickers
$500- HYPER lab or ISE club t-shirt
$1,000- 2 HYPER lab game posters
$5,000- Laser engraved liquifier seal
$10,000- Vinyl sticker recognition on side of container
$50,000- All day lab tour and cryogenic demonstrations
$100,000- All access

If you would prefer to help with donations of equipment, engineering time, or business planning advice, please contact Dr. Jacob Leachman at

Please explore our website for more detail on our excellent group of students, our design, future concepts, and our plan to make Washington’s future a hydrogen future.