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Washington State University Aerospace Club

President Encourages STARS Students to join Student Clubs

Paul Flerchinger, president of the WSU Aerospace Club, speaks to the STARS students about building rockets and what they can accomplish in a student clubs. Our Aerospace Club is just one of many excellent options available to WSU Students that can provide community service and learning opportunities, a chance to pad your resume with an awesome project, as well as a whole lot of fun!

President Paul Flerchinger Speaks to Student Clubs

Paul’s motivation:

“I hope to help students get involved with the college no matter what club or event they choose to participate in. Being in a club not only helps you take what you have learned in class and apply it to the project you are working on, but also helps you engage with other people who share a common interest. Good luck out there WSU students- Show others what you can do!”


Rocket Launch Friday

Hey all, we are launching rockets on Friday starting at 5pm as the sun sets at 6:15 instead of having a meeting. It will take place at the Rogers-Orton Playfield. I will take people up at 5 from Dana 51 (club room) and Victor will take people up at 5:30. Try to finish up and paint your rockets before Friday at 5pm. I’ll be in the club room from 2:30-5pm on Friday.20151007_171348

We are now NAR level 1 Certified!

This last Saturday we were able to get a member of our club NAR level 1 certified. Hopes are high that we will be able to certify two members to level 2 and fly our main rocket this weekend. The Carbon Cougar is nearly ready to fly only a few last minute adjustments in Mansfield this weekend!

Aerospace Club receives check at AUVSI spring forum



Aerospace Club is very happy to announce that has once again supported our efforts with a sizable donation to the club during their spring forum. Several members of the club attedended the forum to receive the check, connect with industry, and participate in unmanned systems related tours. This donation will be used to provide travel opportunities for Aerospace Club members to visit leaders in the industry. Thanks again AUVSI Cascade!

Rocket is named – CARBONCougar!

At meeting yesterday, we reached consensus on a name for our IREC rocket, and the name is now CARBONCougar! CARBONCougar is now being built, with the goal of construction being finished on the 14th. See CARBONCougar’s logo below.


Blue Origin & Aerojet-Rocketdyne

If you are interesting in touring Blue Origin and Aerojet-Rocketdyne there will be a group heading over on April 20th and 21st! Let me know if you want to attend by email or at our meeting on Friday. These tours require being a U.S. Citizen and signing a nondisclosure.