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Active Projects Summary

Intercollegiate Rocket Engineering Competiton

ESRA(Experimental Sounding Rocket Association) hosts annual Intercollegiate Rocket Engineering Competitions every June near Green River, Utah, USA. With the inclusion of teams from Canada, Brazil, India, and Turkey in recent years, they are now in fact international competitions. We have two categories at the Competitions: Basic and Advanced. The Basic Category is to launch and recover a rocket with 10-lb payload closest to 10,000 feet above ground level (AGL). The Advanced Category may change from year to year but for the past few years it has been to launch and recover a rocket with 10-lb payload closest to 25,000 feet AGL. Currently teams may enter either or both categories without any “prerequisites.”


Solid Propulsion: Get the rocket to 10,000ft in 2016

Project Manager: Victor Charoonsophonsak

  1. Design, manufacture, test solid Propellant from scratch
  2. Design a rocket nozzle
  3. Create CAD Model of Engine Casing/Propellant

Recovery: Get the rocket safely down from 10,000ft

Project Manager: Denton Donahou

  1. Design, manufacture, test parachute
  2. Create a program to control parachute direction
  3. Touchdown at launch location

Electronics: Track and separate fuselage

Project Manager: Ryan Brooks

  1. Track the rocket
  2. Program separation-of-fuselage points for rocket

Aerodynamics/Structure: Hold everything together to 10,000ft and back

Project Manager: Katlyn Struxness

  1. Design, manufacture, test fuselage, fins, nosecone
  2. Design, manufacture, test couplers
  3. Ensure rocket stays together while in flight

Payloads: Create a payload that can be tested in flight

Project Manager: Paul Flerchinger

  1. Create an autonomous glider
  2. Glide back to launch location from 10,000ft

Hybrid Propulsion- Get rocket to 25,000ft in 2017

Project Manager: Kevin Cavender

  1. Design a hybrid propulsion system
  2. Manufacture, test propulsion unit

Crimson Fire!


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