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Active Projects Spaceport America Summary 2019

Spaceport America Cup Competition

ESRA (Experimental Sounding Rocket Association) hosts an annual Intercollegiate Rocket Engineering Competition every June near Truth or Consequences, NM, USA. With diverse competitors gathering from all over the world, Spaceport America Cup (formerly IREC) has quickly grown to be the premier intercollegiate rocketry competition. This competition has two categories: basic and advanced. Competitors in the basic category attempt to launch and recover a rocket with 10-lb payload as close as possible to 10,000 feet above ground level (AGL). The Advanced Category may change from year to year but last year had sights set on 30,000 feet.



  1. Devise scientific experiment or engineering payload
  2. Coordinate with structures on deployment method
  3. Ensure successful payload performance and recovery


  1. Track the rocket
  2. Program separation-of-fuselage points for rocket
  3. Coordinate auxiliary rocket functions (payload deployment etc.)


  1. Design, manufacture, and test structural components
  2. Simulate and ensure desired aerodynamic behavior
  3. Ensure rocket stays together while in flight

** Due to safety concerns, propulsion development has been put on hold until future notice.