Diagnostic Challenge

Role Playing

How to be a DC Client:

Having covered many of the logistical considerations in the previous training module (Expectations & Structure) we are now ready to discuss Role Playing—a.k.a. the FUN part!!

One of the things I’ve enjoyed most in my many years of being a Diagnostic Challenge client has been the opportunity to role play.

DC Client

…As you become familiar with the exercise and gain confidence you should not be afraid to expand your character and create a “new you” based on the case and your facilitator’s suggestions.

DC Client

This module is designed to equip you with the following:

Client Toolbox:

5 Principles of Role Playing

5 basic concepts and/or attributes you can adopt to ensure your DC Client experience is both easy and enjoyable!

Client Case Scenario

Use this example to learn both the type and format of the information you will receive regarding your own unique DC case.

Example Client Interview

Curious to see a real improvised interview in action? Check out this video to get a sneak-peek!