Diagnostic Challenge

Observation & Note Taking

DC Clients routinely provide student feedback on the Thursday of the DC week. This page, therefore, is dedicated to teaching you what to look for throughout your week’s worth of interviews as well as exercising your note taking skills to guarantee your ability to offer each student feedback that is equally specific and constructive.


When reflecting on a student’s performance during an interview consider the following prompt questions and use them to guide your written responses.

5 Key Questions for DC Client Student Evaluations:

  • Did I feel heard? Did the student work to understand me, showing respect for my perspective and concerns?
  • Was I allowed and/or encouraged to tell my story?
  • Was the conversation easy to follow?
  • Did I feel included, i.e., in the loop, regarding decision-making and/or actions taken?
  • Did I understand and trust the student? Why or why not?

Note Taking:

During your DC week you will be assigned 2 different clinics—i.e., groups of 5 students. To avoid difficulty recalling which clinic recommended a certain test, and/or which student said and did what, you will be receive an unmarked Student Photo Sheet for each clinic/group every day. Seen here, the sheets feature color photos of every student you will interact with and ample space for making notes of each students’ suggestions, ideas, and input.

Jotting down a few notes after each visit will help you keep your responses to each clinic consistent during subsequent visits and aid you when it is time, at the end of the DC week, to deliver your oral and written student evaluations.

Note Taking Video Exercise:

Having printed out a copy of the sample Student Photo Sheet , click on the following video link and practice writing specific observations and/or items of critique for each student’s performance based on 5 Key Questions (listed above.)