Diagnostic Challenge

Client Case Scenario

Approximately 2-weeks prior to your DC, your facilitator will supply you with an outlined scenario containing all the pertinent facts of your unique case.  Provided below is a sample scenario to acquaint you with the general format and types of case details you will be asked to commit to memory.

How to read the sample scenario…

Sample Scenario

  1. Notice that the example provided is not written as a script, but rather as series of facts in outline form. This formatting choice is intended to make memorization easier and reflects the improvisational nature of DC’s. So don’t worry about being asked a question you don’t know the answer to, because once you’re familiar with the case you’ll be able to think as the client and make educated guesses based on what you do know.
  2. Not included in the scenario is the actual diagnosis. You will be provided only as much information as any real client may possess, and so you will just have to wait to discover what is ailing your pet(s). Besides, it’s more fun to be surprised!
  • The firmer the grasp you have on the material provided the easier and more enjoyable the process will be.
  • Remember that as a DC Client it is necessary to work collaboratively with your facilitator. Be available and willing to meet with him/her to review the case ahead of time, and feel confident to ask him/her questions as they arise throughout the week.
  • The client scenario you receive is like a baseline, containing general information about the client (your character) and the patient (your pet/herd), but realize that your facilitator will provide you additional bits of information and/or issues to raise throughout the week as the case evolves.