Debriefing Session

The debriefing session is Thursday afternoon (Day 3), where the discussion is an culmination of all the work everyone has done over the course of the week.  The students are excited to get feedback, which they will often use in their grand rounds presentations on Friday.

  1. PLEASE limit each debriefing session to no more than 45-60 minutes.  After about 50 minutes, not much more is heard.  More importantly perhaps, there is often another group or the other facilitators waiting.
  2. Use the Debriefing Agenda:  It’s best for the facilitator and client to go through the agenda BEFORE the session so that everyone knows the itinerary/plan.  A pre-debrief discussion is also a great time to preview and discuss what feedback you want to give, and ask questions.
  3. Use the appointment schedules to set both of your 2 groups. Communicate those times to both the students and client. The goal is to be completed by 4 pm.
  4. If you’ve not previously led a debriefing or just want to see how other experienced facilitators run their meeting, block off the 1:15 timeslot and WATCH ONE FIRST.  You are welcome to observe and then start your own session at 2:00 or 2:15.  We don’t all do debriefings the same but we should strive for some consistency.  The agenda helps a lot with this.
  5. Before you provide feedback, REMIND your students that what you are about to say is just ONE PERSON’S opinion, but you are trying to give honest feedback that you think will be helpful.  Of course, most of what we have to say is VERY positive.  Vet students don’t often get a lot of positive feedback, especially on a personal level.
  6. Make a plan to meet with your client on Friday to lead them to the correct grand round’s room
  7. Facilitator’s meeting in the lobby of the Communications Center at 4 PM.  Others are welcome to attend, especially the DVM’s who were clients.  We are interested in your impressions and feedback!