Diagnostic Challenge

Expectations & Structure


To ensure an outstanding educational experience for our students as well as an easy and enjoyable process for our clients, we – the DC Team – have complied a list of 3 essential attributes we ask of every DC Client.

An Effective DC Client must be ….

  • Confident: Develop an intimate knowledge of the character and all case details provided to you. Once you have this information firmly committed to memory you’ll be amazed how comfortable you feel responding to student questions in the first-person, exhibiting both ease and accuracy.
  • Collaborative: As a client, you will be assigned a faculty facilitator who will help guide your case throughout the week. Your facilitator is your teammate and as such it is necessary that you work closely and flexibly together.
  • Available: It is IMPERATIVE that you are available to the students during designated DC hours (see DC Schedule below for details.) In the event of an unanticipated time conflict, please be sure to consult your facilitator before excusing yourself.


As a DC client you are an integral piece of a very intricate puzzle. Therefore, to ensure a smooth process it is necessary that you familiarize yourself with the organizational tools provided here, which have been specifically designed to assist you in your capacity as a DC client.

DC Client Organizational Tools: