After DC Ends

Post-DC Expectations

We’re almost done, but there are still a number of tasks that need attention to bring the exercise to a close and make sure the case you facilitated is left in good condition for the next time it is used.

Check List:

  1. Complete all required evaluations and feedback forms:
    1. Evaluation of DC Grand Round presentations – you filled out for each of your clinics
    2. Providing feedback on final medical record, you can use this simple rubric to help assess academic SOAPs and drop into the clinic folders.
    3. Facilitator Evaluation for each clinic – online survey will be emailed to you.
  2. DC Case – update and organize (The goal is to leave the record so that it looks and works like you would like to receive it if you were facilitating the case NEXT TIME.)
    1. Facilitator Comments – “Notes for Next Time“: This is VERY Important!
    2. Update and organize your case to be used again
      1. Be sure that you and your co-facilitator case material is ALL stored in the Microsoft Teams Folder 
      2. Organize the case record for NEXT TIME – Ideally, the next facilitator should be able to take the case out and run it with minimal additional work, other than perhaps addressing a few problems identified in the last facilitator’s notes.
  3. Return all material (Case material, case record, your client’s DC Client Handbook, Student DC medical records, and all other material)
  4. Complete CE Credit Requirements
  5. Complete needed paperwork and submit receipts for travel reimbursement and honorarium