Last week, there was a big push to get another carbon fiber test piece made for the rocket. Thanks to Den, Curtis, Kevin, and Harrison, they got it all epoxied and ready to go. They put the aluminum tube with the layup in the oven in the composites shop and heated it to 160°F. This way, the aluminum tube would expand a very small amount and when taken out of the oven, and the aluminum tube contracts, the carbon fiber would be slightly easier to get off. Although the plan sounded great, the oven at some point in the night shut off and the pipe cooled down to 90°F when Den arrived to check on it. Needless to say, the pipe took some extra work to slide the carbon fiber layup off of it- but it happened and the aluminum pipe came out unscathed. This week we will be doing one last test piece and will watch the oven like a hawk!

IMG_20150305_101451 IMG_20150305_101500