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Donna M. Campbell New England Puritan Culture

Travel Narratives: Conventions

Travel Narratives

Travel Narratives



  1. “Barbaric” rituals, threats of death, physical suffering, triumph of the European hero.
  2.  Difficult ocean passage
  3. Deriding earlier reports
  4. Reporting advantages of European technology
  5. Describing New World geography
  6. Mixing practical advice with rhetorical landscape descriptions
  7. Nature and “savages” as friendly and ferocious
  8. Expedition plagued by intrigue and disunity
  9. Emphasizing flaws and virtues of the expedition leaders
  10. Comparison of virtues of life in a strange foreign land with the idleness and corruption of the old world
  11. New World plenitude: the catalogue of delights
  12. Initial successes followed by defeats