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English 402: Technical and Professional Writing

English 402: Technical and Professional Writing

Dr. Donna Campbell
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The following information applies to a course I taught in previous summers.

About the Course

This section of English 402 is offered through the English Department, not WSU Online. This means that it will be a 6-week rather than a 12-week course and that you need not be registered as a WSU Online student in order to enroll in it. You can register for it as you would normally register for a summer school class.


The textbook for the course will be Mike Markel, Practical Strategies for Technical Communication (2013). 978-1457609404

We will not use a grammar handbook for this course. Instead, we will be using online sources and the “Key to Comments” page for explanations of grammar. You should print a copy or bookmark the page in your browser for ready reference.


In addition to the twice-weekly discussion posts (one original post and one reply) and the readings in the textbook, students will one complete the following written assignments each week, with the final sequence relating to a research report written about a subject in their major field:

  • A memo based on an interview conducted with a professional in the field (Week 1)
  • A résumé and cover letter written in response to an actual job ad (which the student finds and submits with the assignment) (Week 2)
  • Materials related to the final project, which will be a research report based on the student’s field of study:
    • Proposal (Week 3)
    • Annotated Bibliography (Week 4)
    • Executive Summary and Letter of Transmittal (Week 5)
    • Research Report (Week 6)

Technical Requirements.

Since this is an online course, you must have a WSU Network ID account that allows you to access the course through Angel at or through zzusis. Your computer needs to be powerful enough and your Internet connection stable and fast enough to enable you to access this site for you to complete this course successfully. You’ll need the usual applications and software: a web browser; a word-processing program such as Word or Open Office; and Adobe Acrobat Reader for reading .pdf files. Angel does not work well with iPads or iPhones, so you’ll need another computer if those are your only means of accessing the web.

There are no mechanisms for turning in paper versions of assignments by postal mail. Everything will be turned in electronically. If this won’t work for you, or if you will not have internet access during some part of the six weeks, choose one of the classroom-based sections of the course instead.

How the Course Works

You will be able to access the assignments for each week by clicking on the appropriate link on the Course Menu in Week 1, Week 2, and so forth.

Assignments are due on Tuesdays and Fridays by 11:55 p.m. Pacific Daylight Time. Each week’s assignments will include reading chapters from the textbook, reading the lectures posted online, completing two postings for the discussion board, and completing a writing assignment.

Contact Information and Office Hours

If you have any questions, please e-mail me at or go to the Contact Information page at for Skype, Google Voice Chat, and IM contact information.