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Washington State University
Donna M. Campbell English 512: Introduction to Graduate Study (Fall 2020)

English 512 Materials

Class links for September 24, 2020 (Time management and productivity tools & tips)


Productivity books

Note: Some of these are available online through WSU Libraries & HathiTrust.

Robert Boice, Professors as Writers

Joan Bolker, Writing Your Dissertation in 15 Minutes a Day

William Germano, Getting it Published

Paul J. Silvia, How to Write a Lot: A Practical Guide to Productive Academic Writing

Wendy Laura Belcher, Writing your journal article in twelve weeks: a guide to academic publishing success


Helen Sword, Air & Light & Time & Space

Web sites:


The Thesis Whisperer (writing space)

WSU PDI site:

Productivity hacks

The Pomodoro Method & apps (at LifeHacker):

Strict Workflow for Chrome (Pomodoro method):

TimeYourWeb Time Tracker

Other suggestions at

PhD Comics:


Rainy Night Coffee Shop (and there are lots like this on YouTube, including classical music)

Class links for September 17, 2020 (Reference managers)




BibTex and explanations:


How to use Mendeley to insert citations in a paper:

Class links for September 10, 2020 (Specialized bibliographies and research databases)

General: Purdue OWL (for citation):



NextGen listserv:,-April%209%2C%202018&text=NextGEN%20provides%20graduate%20students%20with,a%20national%20and%20international%20level.

Rhetoric & Composition resources:

Lit Studies

WSU Library Resource Guide:

WSU Libraries Main Page:

MLA Bibliography (proxy link):,uid&profile=index&defaultdb=mzh

American Literary Scholarship:

Year’s Work in English Studies:

Google Scholar:

Google Advanced Book Search

Google Scholar

WSU Research Exchange

MLA Commons

ORCID page