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Donna M. Campbell Amlit: Authors

Bradford, William

William Bradford (1590-1657)

Selected Bibliography on Puritanism

Phillip Gould’s Guide to Teaching Bradford from the Heath Anthology Site
“The American Sense of Puritan” by Scott Atkins of the University of Virginia’s American Studies  Group
Biographical information on Bradford from Caleb Johnson’s Mayflower Web Pages.
Suggestions for reading Of Plymouth Plantation from Boise State University.
Biographical Sketch from the Cambridge History
Biographical Sketch from the Columbia Encyclopedia
“The Puritan Divines, 1620-1720” from the Columbia Encylopedia

Works Available OnlineOf Plymouth Plantation  Chapters 1-4, 7-9, 36 are available at this site.
 Of Plymouth Plantation from the Modern History Sourcebook at Fordham
William Bradford’s Letter Book
Mourt’s Relation (1622).  Written from November 1620-November 1621, this narrative written by Edward Winslow and William Bradford tells the early history of Plymouth Colony.
Surrender of the Patent of Plymouth Colony to the Freedman, March 2d, 1640.