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Donna M. Campbell Amlit: Authors


Zitkála-Šá  (Gertrude Simmons Bonnin) (Dakota Sioux) (1876-1938)

Zitkala-sa or Gertrude Simmons BonninZitkála-Šá : Secondary Bibliography

Zitkála-Šá  Biography and links at the Native American Authors Project
Biographical sketch at the Akta Lakota Museum and Cultural Center
Biography by Roseanne Hoefel and bibliography at the The Online Archive of Nineteenth-Century U.S. Women’s Writings. (Image courtesy of this site.)
Biographical sketch by Melessa Rae Henderson at the Voices from the Gaps: American Women of Color site.  (New URL)

Kristin Herzog’s general commentary on teaching Zitkala-Sa from the Heath Anthology site.

Works Available Online

Page images from the Atlantic Monthly

An Indian Teacher Among Indians Atlantic Monthly (1900), Volume 85.
Impressions of an Indian Childhood Atlantic Monthly 85 (1900): 37-47.
Old Indian Legends (1901)
Old Indian Legends at Project Gutenberg
School Days of an Indian Girl  Atlantic Monthly 85 (1900): 185-94.
Soft Hearted Sioux  Harper’s Monthly , New York (1901 )
The Trial Path Harper’s Monthly, Volume 103, October 1901 .
“A Warrior’s Daughter” (1902)
“Why I Am a Pagan” by Zitkala Sa Atlantic Monthly 90 (1902): 801-803.