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Fernando Villanea Publications


Fernando A. Villanea and Joshua G. Schraiber. Multiple episodes of interbreeding between Neanderthals and modern humans. 2018. Nature Ecology and Evolution. In Press.

Fernando A. Villanea, Andrew Kitchen, and Brian M. Kemp. 2018. Testing the limitations of ancient DNA sampling in Bayesian coalescent analysis: A case study of Northern Fur Seals (Callorhinus ursinus). JEB. In preparation.

Aram Yardumian, Ramaz Shengelia, David Chitanava, Shorena Laliashvili, Lia Bitadze, Irma Laliashvili, Fernando Villanea, Akiva Sanders, Andrew Azzam, Victoria Groner, Kristi Edleson, Miguel G. Vilar, Theodore G. Schurr. 2017. Genetic diversity in Svaneti and its implications for the human settlement of the Highland Caucasus. American Journal of Physical Anthropology. Vol 64 (4), 837-852.

Fernando A. Villanea, Christine E. Parent, and Brian M. Kemp. 2016. Reviving Galapagos snails: ancient DNA extraction and amplification from shells of probably extinct Galapagos endemic land snails. Journal of Molluscan studies. doi: 10.1093/mollus/eyw011. Get PDF.

Fernando A Villanea, Kristin N. Safi and Jeremiah W. Busch. 2015. A General Model of Negative Frequency Dependent Selection Explains Global Patterns of Human ABO Polymorphism. PLoS One. 10(5): e0125003. Get PDF.

Fernando A Villanea, Deborah Bolnick, Cara Monroe and Brian M. Kemp. 2013. Evolution of a specific O allele (O1vG542A) supports unique ancestry of Native Americans. American Journal of Physical Anthropology. Volume 151, Issue 4, pages 649–657. Get PDF.

Fernando A Villanea, George H. Perry, Gustavo Gutierrez-Espeleta and Nathaniel J. Dominy. 2012. ASPM and the evolution of cerebral cortical size in a community of Costa Rican monkeys. Plos One. 7(9): e44928. Get PDF.

George H. Perry, Nathaniel J. Dominy, Katrina G. Claw, Arthur S. Lee, Heike Fiegler, Richard Redon, John Werner, Fernando A. Villanea, Joanna L. Mountain, Rajeev Misra, Nigel P. Carter, Charles Lee, and Anne C. Stone. 2007. Diet and the evolution of human amylase gene copy number variation. Nature Genetics 39, 1256 – 1260.