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Washington State University Welcome to The Aerospace Club

Welcome to The Aerospace Club

The Washington State University (WSU) Aerospace club was founded in the mid 90’s with the end goal of equipping students with a supplementary Aerospace skillset. In its first decade, the club made Design, Build, Fly competition airplanes from the Crimson Phoenix to Toto.  Starting in 2014, the club began its foray into rockets: Competing in IREC three times with Carbon Cougar, Crimson Fire, and Project Knarr.  The WSU Aerospace club was also built the first university team in the world to successfully built and demonstrated Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) utilizing liquid hydrogen as fuel.

In addition to being a place for Aerospace competition teams to meet and collaborate, the Aerospace club prides itself in facilitating people in building their own personal Aerospace related projects, from custom foam-board airplanes to helicopters and ion thrusters. We welcome all WSU students and faculty members to join the club, no experience is required. Upon graduation, many of our members have moved on to their “dream jobs” in the aerospace industry.

Current Projects:

Spaceport America Cup 2023
Rocket Certifications
Prototype Cargo Plane

MEETINGS: Fridays at 5:30pm in Frank Innovation Zone – DANA 15

Our clubroom is DANA 51

305 NE Spokane St Pullman, WA 99164

Joins us on Teams!

For questions, send us an email at

Hope to see you at our meetings! Go Cougs!