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Volume over Substance: Why Donald Trump is leading the GOP Despite Sexism & Racism

Donald Trump, despite if we like it or not, has been the face of the Republican Presidential Election. Between sound bites, memes, and jokes at his expense, all we hear about is Donald Trump’s folly on the internet and other media outlets.  How loud he is, abrasive, racist, and sexist. To be honest, if I have to look at his unsettling, overly tanned faced one more damn time I’m probably going to projectile vomit. While that may be a strong statement, a style that Trump is used to, So why is he still around?

Donald Trump is routinely mocked and proved wrong for his political stand points. When asked about view points or statement’s he’s previously made, he attacks viciously, Shoving it off as no big deal, as if his opposition has no clue what they’re talking about. As seen in the above footage, Donald trump responds being confronted on his sexist remarks with catchy buzzwords. His use of “political correctness”, “power”, “brain”, “strength”, and “quickness” are met with applause from the crowd. Frankly, his response makes no sense, so why was it met by the GOP crowd with such encouragement? Because the Republican voters no longer want facts or thought out policies, they want a headline. The right wing voters are looking for some one to identify with, and to them it’s the man with the comb over who stands against political correctness. Republican voters can find something to identify with, they believe Donald Trump is just speaking his mind, and they find that it goes against the political grain, even if what Trump says is sexist or racist. What republican voters and the GOP don’t seem to fully realize is that Trump’s persona of “I just say what I think, I don’t have time for political correctness” is just another tool for election and to gain popularity. Donald Trump has done too much business to have absolutely no idea what he’s doing in the political field. His political success is not by accident,  or a side effect of his “unadulterated” personality.


We live in a world largely dominated by social media and the internet. People on the internet see a buzz word filed headline and pass it onto their Facebook page. Then some one on their friend’s list sees that article, and shares it as well. All of this going on without reading the article’s content, which may go on to more in depth than what you may read in the headline. This is essentially the political style of Donald Trump.  Trump speaks loudly and frequently, often speaking like he’s writing headlines for political fluff articles. Building a wall around Mexico doesn’t make any sense, but it’s a strikingly powerful image for those who are racist against Hispanics and immigrants. With that quick line, he’ll have gained their support. Saying that the GOP moderator Megyn Kelly had PMS as the reason she questioned him against his sexist comments is appalling, but to every person that feels that women just get too bitchy on their periods, that could have been music to their ears.     ” We need strength, we need quickness, we need energy, and we need brain, to turn this country around”, he spoke in the GOP debate above. It really doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, but  it sounds good, and dammit, it’ll get him voters.



1: What do you believe has caused the GOP to become almost comical in their presidential elections? How does the parade of politics effect the Criminal Justice System, are the  issues  in the CJS being push under the rug for more sensational issues?

2. Is Volume over Substance going to become a new standard for politics? Is Trump just speaking loudly what many voters are quietly thinking, including blatant sexism. If so, what state is our country’s feminism in?


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