Diagnostic Challenge

The Diagnostic Challenge (DC) is a multidisciplinary, case-based exercise that was initiated at WSU in 1991. The exercise is now conducted collaboratively by instructors from across the college with critical involvement from visiting veterinarians (mainly WSU CVM alumni). DC clients are volunteers from the community, friends and family of veterinary students, and (occasionally) CVM staff.

The program encourages you to apply your knowledge and problem-solving skills outside of a specific course. The second year schedule has been rearranged for the week to provide a block of time when you can work on your clinical cases. These cases are not focused on an individual laboratory technique or limited to the materials currently being studied in class, but rather challenge you to think as a veterinarian.

“The DC’s are about PROCESS – The process of working through a case using a logical, systematic approach to arrive at a diagnosis and (most importantly) to LEARN along the way.”

This web site contains most of the information you will need during the exercise. Other resources will be provided by your assigned DC case facilitator (just ask!), your DC clinic folder, and the DC handout provided to all students just prior to the exercise.

2024 Dates:

  • DC1: October 7-11 (Tuesday – Friday)
  • DC2: November 18-22 (Monday – Friday)