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Social Media

Coug Presence

Coug Presence is a university-based resource for finding information on active student organizations. There are many features that are worth looking into, including meeting times and contact forms.

    Physics and Astronomy Club:

Discord Server

The club actively communicates on our Discord server, which is an instant messaging and digital distribution platform designed for maintaining an online, interactive community. This is where most of our day to day communication takes place, and many important links will be directed or hosted from there. It requires an account signup, which is free, then all you have to do is say hi and hang out! It is primarily intended for club members, though it is open to others as well and contains a Homework Help section that is useful for sharing knowledge.

    WSU Physics and Astronomy Club: 

Instagram Profile

Our Instagram account is regularly updated by the current social media officer. It includes an assortment of images that range from club activities and general announcements to interesting developments in the Department of Physics and Astronomy.


Facebook Page

Our club maintains a page on Facebook that relays many updates, photos, and discussions. Come for the facts; stay for the memes.

    WSU Physics Club Pullman:

Twitter Account

Prefer to tweet? Migrate to our Twitter for your daily fill of physics!