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Physics and Astronomy Club Hub



The Physics and Astronomy Club is a registered student organization (RSO) and an active chapter of the Society of Physics Students. In general, it is an interdisciplinary social group whose interactions walk the line between science and entertainment.

Known for the annual Pumpkin Drop event, club members participate in an assortment of projects and activities throughout the school year. We have designed rockets, launched weather balloons, hosted star parties at the Jewett Observatory, and taken tours to the Laser Interferometer Gravitational Observatory (LIGO).

In-person meetings are typically held weekly in Webster Hall throughout the school year. On the virtual front, our Discord server hosts a Homework Help section and a general discussion board.

Getting started:

  • Check out our menu, which links to many important pages on the site.
  • Join our social media. Even if you are not an active club member, our social media officer will keep you in the loop about events and other avenues for interaction and entertainment.
  • Contact the club’s officers for more information. A general email address is listed at the bottom of the page, and our social media are linked in the menu.