How to make a post!

(Source: Mountain Harvest Organics, 2012, "Danielle pickaxing the trenches for our french drainage system")
(Source: Mountain Harvest Organics, 2012, “Danielle pickaxing the trenches for our french drainage system”)


  1. Log in.
  2. On the left hand side, click “Posts.” (Not Pages!)
  3. Add new post.
  4. Your post must include your “cultural artifact,” usually by way of a link (but see below). It must also include your two questions for the class to consider. It MAY also include text by you explaining your perspective, etc.
  5. Rules for posting!
    • Categories. Always add at least one category from the Site Categories. If it fits under the umbrella categories, great. Often though, this will be insufficient to capture the essence of the post. This is where tags come in.
    • Tags. Each category (e.g., militarization) also functions as a tag. To make a new tag, look to the right hand side of the screen while making a new post. Click University Tags and add it! You can also search existing tags and use those.
    • NO hotlinking (i.e., just linking directly to a picture)! Other websites find this irritating and may refuse to host your picture. If you WANT to post a picture, download it first and upload it from your computer. Do this by using the “Add Media” icon in the upper left part of the New Post page.
    • When you DO post a picture, you still need to SOURCE it. (See above.) People like credit for their work. Even Mountain Harvest Organics.
    • Videos are okay as-is.
    • Posts can also include links to journal, newspaper articles, tweets, or other public social media postings. Your buddy’s dickish comment yesterday on the Perez Hilton article you posted doesn’t count.
  6. Once you’re finished posting, Preview the post. Makes sure it looks the way you want and PROOFREAD for stupid grammar mistakes.

    (Source: Buzzfeed, although they clearly don't own the content.)
    (Source: Buzzfeed, although they clearly don’t own the content.)
  7. In the “Publish” tab in the upper right hand corner, are useful options such as “Save Draft” that can make your life easier.
  8. After PROOFREADING your post THOROUGHLY, then you can hit Publish. Your page now exists on the interwebs!
  9. THE FINAL STEP is to post a link to your page on the Facebook page that we’ve started. This will enable other students to comment on your post!