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WSU Everett Engineering Club WSU Everett Engineering Club

About Us

With being founded in 2014, the WSU Everett Engineering Club has been working to create an organization in which students can take part in engineering projects. The students that make up the club are enrolled in WSU programs for Mechanical and Electrical Engineering. We are a group of 40 student engineers and growing. Being a relatively small club tasks can be distributed evenly.
We are a group of friends hanging out after classes and working together on projects. On the occasion when it comes to making those tough decisions on a project we make then together, nothing is finalized without a unanimous vote.
‘Man’ before Machine.

Our Mission

Project Planning

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Implementing a business like structure that allows for management and student experience.

Design & Analysis


Engineering products from the conceptual stages to manufacturing the final product.

Team Work


We strive to work in harmony with each other by having a relaxed communication atmosphere, and being open to new and innovative ideas.

Positive Community


Making friends, forming study groups and creating an open & safe environment where students can come together under one common ambition.

Join Us!

We’re always looking for enthusiastic and committed students of any major and year.

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