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Emily M Hall News

Post-Doc in the Rollins-Smith Lab

I received my PhD from Washington State University in December ’16! Last week, I started a postdoctoral research position at Vanderbilt University with Dr. Louise Rollins-Smith. I am excited to be a part of a large collaborative project funded by the DoD SERDP, and lead by Dr. Cori Richards-Zawacki and many others to study the effects of climate change on host-pathogen interactions in chytridiomycosis.


WSU feature article

To celebrate WSU’s 125 anniversary, they asked for stories and successes from students, faculty, and staff. I was asked about my research and life at WSU, and I’m flattered to be in the spotlight. Find the article here:


GPSA Excellence Award

Thank you for the kind words from my Advisor, Dr. Erica Crespi. I received the Graduate and Professional Student Association’s Excellence Award for Research Assistant this week, and I feel very appreciated! I learned so much from the research projects I was lucky enough to be a part of. I am grateful for the opportunity, and we will hopefully be publishing the results from those projects soon!

Talk for the GRC course

Check out the recent talk I gave in “Current Ranavirus research topics” for the Global Ranavirus Consortium online course here. 

Students attending this course received a background on Ranaviruses through a series of lectures (which are available on itunes as well). Therefore, there is little background on ranaviruses in general in my talk. If you have any questions about my talk please don’t hesitate to email me!