Apply to be a Simulated Participant

We offer volunteer or paid opportunities to role players from theater students to community members.

  • Become a simulated participant – Influence the future of health care, sharpen your deep listening and improvisational skills, invest in student thriving, and learn about communication from some of the leading professionals in communication simulation.
  • Impact the future of health care – Simulated participants embody a wide range of clients and patients as veterinary and human medical students practice navigating real-world clinical conversations.
  • Hone your skills as a professional role player – Whether you’re a theater student looking to gain professional work experience or a community member hoping to acquire a new skillset, the expertise gained working for Simulation-Based Education offers long-term benefits in the lives of our simulated participants (role-players).
  • Shape the student experience – Students repeatedly report the feedback they receive from simulated participants directly influences their future professional medical interactions.
  • Have fun in a supportive community – Our community of simulated participants laughs a lot, supports one another’s growth, and enjoys spending time together!

Apply to be a simulated participant

Step 1. Watch the following video to get a fuller sense of our program.

Step 2. Complete and submit the simulated participant application.

Step 3. We will contact you when your application has been received.

Interviews will be offered depending on the current needs of the program.