CAD Data Integration

WADEPS is being designed to extract the data required from existing computer-aided dispatch (CAD) data from any vendor. Automating as much of the process as possible will reduce the reporting burden for all agencies and provide an equitable resource for all policing organizations and communities.

Our goal is to develop solutions that reduce the burden on agency resources. Our team includes experts in criminal justice research, statistics, data analytics, and training. Our research-based approach has been approved by the Institutional Review Board and meets stringent standards for maintaining privacy within collected data.

Adding Context

WADEPS will provide law enforcement agencies and their communities with more than just numbers and data points.

Integrating additional CAD data that is already being collected with population data, policy, and the use-of-force required data will enable agencies and their constituents to better understand the context of the information as it pertains to their particular community. Data-driven decisions and evidence-based policing benefit all of Washington and its citizens.

Specific Data Points

Given the variety of CAD vendors and the way data is collected, we are focusing on the following additional data points:

  • Call (unique ID)
  • Reported (date and time)
  • Created (date and time)
  • Dispatched (date and time)
  • Enroute (date and time)
  • Arrived (date and time)
  • Closed (date and time)
  • Priority (level)
  • Call Type (Nature of Call)
  • Call Type (Law Nature)
  • Beat (if available)
  • Primary U. (unique ID for officer)
  • Units Dispatched U. (other unique IDs associated with call)
  • Agency (unique ID)
  • Location (address or GPS)
  • Call Source (dispatch or officer)