At this meeting, we set a loose agenda for the spring semester. We talked about topics for discussion, social events, community service, and club advertisement. We also discussed Darwin On The Palouse 2016 (DotP), which the WSU Secular Student Alliance is hosting this year.

For our topic-based discussions, we decided that having regular, weekly meetings is useful for people seeking us out. Meetings will be available for discussion of any topic that anyone would like to recommend or lead, but if there is no pre-chosen topic for a particular meeting, that’s okay. The purpose of the weekly meetings is simply to¬†be a weekly meeting. Anyone is welcome to come and talk with us, and general announcements will be communicated at the meetings.

Social events will be very informal this semester. If there are a lot of people at a particular meeting, and somebody has a suggestion for an event off-campus, it can be put forward then. We like the idea of carrying on discussions after we leave the room in the CUB – we could move the discussion to somewhere nearby, like Paradise Creek Brewery, Zoe’s, or Cafe Moro (all of which are open to those under 21).

We have many resources for engaging in community service. The university has a Center for Civic Engagement, which would be happy to connect us to service opportunities. Family Promise of the Palouse, a charitable organization which aids the homeless, has connected with our partner organization Humanists Of The Palouse, and their director and board chair will be guest speakers at their meeting on Sunday, Jan 17 at 3:00 in the 1912 Center in Moscow, Idaho. WSU Secular Student Alliance and Humanists Of The Palouse will work with Family Promise of the Palouse to serve the homeless in our community. On Tuesdays, Rico’s (a bar in downtown Pullman) hosts a trivia night which serves as a fundraiser for Alternatives to Violence of the Palouse (ATVP). ATVP provides 24 hour emergency and supportive services to family and sexual violence victims and survivors and their children.

To advertise our group, we will maintain an online presence and carry out a poster campaign. Our online presence consists of our website, our Facebook page, our Cougsync profile, and the Palouse Coalition of Reason meetup group on We will also advertise ourselves on Craigslist, which is surprisingly effective. However, until DotP, we will mostly be focusing on advertising that event to maximize attendance.