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SDEX Shared Design Experience

Engineering Design

ME 415 Engineering Design is the final preparation for Capstone design with real industry clients. The goal of ME 415 is a highly integrated, class-wide project that requires extensive communication among teams. The School of MME approved syllabus for ME 415 is here.

ME 415 lessons vary by semester based on the specific project need. The process is always gated requiring client approval before proceeding. The following phases, with corresponding lecture content, for the design process are contained within each project. These lessons are under continuous improvement and will eventually form a comprehensive on-line guide through the design process.

Phase 0: Initial Project/Client Scoping Interview:

Phase 1: Design Specification

Phase 2: Multiple Design Paradigm Generation

Phase 3: Design Finalization

Phase 4: Prototyping and Lean Manufacturing

Phase 5: Engineering Economics

Phase 6: Product Life-Cycle Management

Phase 7: Engineering Ethics and Professionalism

Prior Projects:

Spring 2017 — Cougar LEAN (CLEAN) Workbenches

Spring 2016 — Containerized Hydrogen Refueling Station

Spring 2016 — Uganda Rock Crusher

Fall 2015 — H2-REFUEL

Spring 2015 — MachineScape