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Laboratory Information Introductory Physics Labs

Lab Schedule – Physics 101

Physics 101
 Date  Room #
 Lab Title  OpenStax Chapt.
Jan. 7–11 Intro to Labs and Uncertainty; Survey
Jan. 14–18 Motion along a Straight Line Ch. 2
Jan. 22–25 Free Fall Ch. 2
Jan. 28–Feb. 1
Adding Forces with a Force Table Ch. 3
Feb. 4–8
Projectile Motion Ch. 3
Feb. 11–15
Newton’s Second Law Ch. 4
Feb. 19–22
Simple Pendulum Ch. 1
Feb. 25–Mar. 1
Newton’s Third Law, Impulse and Momentum Ch. 4, 8
Mar. 4–8
Work and Energy Ch. 7
Mar. 11–15
No Labs (Spring Break)
Mar. 18–22
Ballistic Pendulum Ch. 8
Mar. 25–29 Mechanics Survey; Buoyancy Ch. 11
Apr. 1–5
No Labs
Apr. 8–12
Vibrating Strings Ch. 16
Apr. 15-19
Spring-Mass Oscillations Ch. 16
Apr. 22-26 Makeup Labs
Apr. 30–May 3
No Labs (FinalsWeek)


NOTE: Lab rooms change frequently. Consult the bulletin boards across the halls from the elevators
on the second, third, or fourth floors of Webster Physical Sciences Building for the latest lab
room assignments.