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Kamiak High Performance Computing Club


CIRC is seeking students interesting in participating or leading the WSU HPC Club.

The club will be student led to meet member’s needs, with help from CIRC to minimize the time commitment required of the student leadership. Current ideas include:

  • Connecting students with mentors who have exciting computing projects, or are familiar with useful HPC techniques.
  • Organizing training sessions to help students effectively use HPC resources.
  • Providing training materials for computing and HPC.
  • Helping students secure internships.
  • Helping students curate a portfolio to advance their career.
  • Organizing JAM sessions, competitions, etc.

For announcements about events, interested students should sign up to the mailing list by going to and selecting “HPC-club” from the List Name drop-down list. (Signing up does not imply a commitment.)

Students interested in organizing and/or leading the club should contact Michael Forbes or Stephen Ficklin and request an account on the HPC Discourse Site where plans for the club will be discussed.