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Humanities Planning Group 2013-2014 HPG Events

2014 Humanities Week Events

Four Glimpses of Scholarship in the Humanities: A Roundtable

Jennifer Thigpen, Ph.D., History

Victor Villaneuva, Ph.D., English
The Language of Columbus’s First ‘Indians’

Michael Myers, Ph.D., Politics, Philosophy and Public Affairs
Empathy and Religious Diversity

Linda Heidenreich, Ph.D., Critical Culture, Gender and Race Studies
The Mestiz@ as Witch: The 3rd Sex in Nineteenth Century Greater Mexico

Christopher Lupke, Ph.D. Foreign Languages and Culture
History and the New Human in Contemporary Chinese Poetry

Presentation:  January 28, 2014


KEYNOTE:  Srinivas Aravamudan, Ph.D.

Dean of Humanities, Duke University
Cosmopolitan Humanities
Consultant, Humanities Planning Group

Presentation:  January 30, 2014