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Washington State University Humanities Planning Group

Welcome to the Humanities Planning Group

The humanities are interwoven with all forms of academic endeavor. The mission proposed by the Humanities Planning Group for a Center for the Humanities at Washington State University is to make the humanities accessible to all and to underscore their integral nature to intellectual life and society in general. The proposal for a Center seeks dialogue with the whole campus community and the broader public by convening major cultural events such as colloquia, symposia, and seminars on topics that are of vital concern to our students and the residents of Washington State. It supports activities central to the humanities, establishes interdisciplinary links and promotes collaborative projects. HPG hosts Humanities Fellows on an annual basis and sponsors research initiatives with small grants designed to encourage the pursuit of larger, external research funding. HPG thus serves as a hub for humanistic efforts that include campus-wide and public activities as well as research.

2016-2017 Humanities Fellows

Donna Campbell

Joseph Campbell

Patricia Glazebrook