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Washington State University
Donna M. Campbell English 210


English 210

In the short space of sixteen weeks, we cannot cover all the topics of interest.  To present information on some of the topics not covered otherwise, students choosing this option will prepare a short (5 minute) oral presentation on one of the topics listed below.

You’ll also prepare a one-page “fact sheet” to hand out to the class. This may take the form of an outline or bullet points of what you’d like your audience to know.  You’re also welcome to present with another person.

Your presentation may focus on something you wish to work on for your paper. You may also want to work on one of the following:

  Additional information about the social, intellectual, artistic, scientific, philosophical, or historical contexts for the works and authors assigned in class.

  Interpretations of works or aspects of a work not read in class.

  Introductions to authors not specifically covered in the course.

  Background about the social and intellectual connections among certain groups of authors.


9/5 Native American boarding schools
Kate Chopin Molly Miller & Kate Laderoute
Charles W. Chesnutt
Brief background on Native settlement in our region Zane Ingersoll
Open Topic
10/1 Sui Sin Far
Stephen Crane Mike Shinas
Jack London Sophia Cash
Upton Sinclair Abigal Stites
Susan Glaspell
Open Topic
10/15 F. Scott Fitzgerald Edgar Iniguez
Claude McKay Maddie McCann
Jack London Sophia Cash
Open topic Marissa Garnett
Open topic
Open topic
10/31 Note: for these reports, you’ll chose a single piece of poetry or prose from a contemporary author included in our book and analyze it for the class
Audre Lorde Holly Kudlich
Gloria Anzaldùa Bailey Fisher
Rita Dove Kiyanna Vega
Open Topic Maguire Isaak
Open Topic Hannah Lewandowski
Open Topic Teddy Pechtalt