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Washington State University
Donna M. Campbell English 210

Discussion Leader Assignment

Life Writings: Readings and Discussion Tara Westover, Educated Jacob Johnson Maddie McCann Sophia Cash Hannah Lewandowski   Tommy Orange, There There Edgar Iniguez Maguire Isaak Molly Miller Teddy Pechtalt     Optional Discussion Leader Assignment Assignment: Read either Tara Westover’s Educated or Tommy Orange’s There There and prepare to lead (in a group) a discussion of it during the week of November 19-21. Two contemporary books that draw on their authors’ lives have garnered a lot of critical praise: Tara Westover’s Educated, about a young woman growing up in a fundamentalist family in rural Idaho; and Tommy Orange’s There There, a novel that “follows twelve characters from Native communities: all traveling to the Big Oakland Powwow.” Directions:  read one of these books during our week of no class (11/12-11/14) and prepare to  discuss it with other members of the class. In other words, you as class members will be teaching the class on that day. To do this, you’ll write up the following:
  1. A brief but in-depth summary (blog post length, about 400-500 words) of the book and its themes or ideas. You might want to focus on one scene or chapter that made an impression on you and say why you chose it.
  2. At least three questions you’d like to ask during the group discussion.
On November 19, we’ll discuss Educated, and on November 21, we’ll discuss There There. Even if you don’t do this assignment, you’ll still need to attend both classes. This is an optional assignment, but if you complete it satisfactorily, you will receive a grade of A. How will this count? Weblogs, reports, discussion leader (this assignment) = 10% Exam 2 =  10% Total = 20% You’ll notice that there are two extra items in this list. If you complete at least two, the lowest 2 grades will be dropped. This is how you’re able to not take the final exam.